Filipino lunch
in Kamppi

Lunch for week 13 – Kamppi

Mon-Sat 25.3 – 30.3
Lunch is served 11-15 in Kampin Kortteli.


Napa cabbage, paksoy, snow peas, sesame soy sauce, Jalotofu, rice noodles


Deep fried chicken, soy caramel sauce, pickled vegetables, rice/salad/rice noodle


Finn Angus beef shoulder in garlic soy sesame sauce, mixed greens, sauteed vegetables, rice/salad/rice noodle


Roasted smoked pork, charsiu sauce, roasted vegetables, pickled vegetables, rice/salad/rice noodle


Fried salmon, radish, cherry tomatoes, red onion- daikon salad, roasted vegetables, tamarind broth, rice/salad/rice noodles

Filipino food for lunch?

We’ve heard you asking: What is Filipino food?

One way we’ve heard it explained is that Filipino food is pretty much a roll call of who’s invaded our country: we had Malay sultans and slavers coming from the South bringing their curries and ingredients; we had Chinese traders and pirates coming from the west bringing noodles, pastries and dumplings; then out of nowhere the Spanish and Mexicans colonised us for a few hundred years introducing all kinds of spices and cooking styles; and finally, the Americans turned up late to the party and gave us hot dogs and Spam.

First fusion cuisine in the world

Filipino food can quite rightly be described as the first fusion cuisine in the world – that’s what makes it so unique and interesting. Nowhere else in the world will you find a dish using Southeast Asian produce, flavored with Chinese ingredients yet carrying a Spanish name.

Just like the humble adobo, the national dish of the Philippines. A wonderfully characterful dish full of flavor, it combines palm vinegar, soy sauce, garlic, black pepper and other little twists under a Spanish name that quite simply translates as ‘marinade’. Adobo is a truly Filipino dish.

We love to share

Our food is a reflection of our complex and varied history as a trading hub between East and West, but it’s not just that – it is born out of the Filipino desire to share, share and share even more. If you ever do make it to Philippines, you will find yourself assaulted on every street corner by tasty snacks, and stuffed to the gills at every meal by the heartiest dishes that will just keep coming until you can eat no more.

Join us for lunch

We want to share the Filipino food experience with you. So come share a delicious lunch with us in Kamppi Kortteli. Just be prepared to come with an appetite!

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