Food unites us

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Mung bean and sweet potato spring roll with house-made sweet chili sauce and charsiu vine 9€

Deep-fried squid with burnt coconut dip and house-made sweet chili sauce 10€

Seasoned rainbow trout fillet, calamansi dressing, trout roe, cherry tomato, burnt coconut, and purple carrots 10€

Spiced pork neck and slow-cooked egg, served with baby gem lettuce 10€

Cured beef, Almorena mayonnaise, baby gem lettuce, marinated mustard seeds, and crispy shallots 10€

Asparagus, butternut squash, eggplant, spinach, and crispy artichoke in spiced coconut turmeric sauce 19€

Handmade wheat noodles, sautéed prawns, crispy tofu, annatto prawn sauce, and seasonal vegetables 20€

Whole whitefish, salted cherry tomato mix, smoked trout roe, and soy calamansi sauce 23€

Roasted chicken, sweet potato purée, chicken jus, and spiced calamansi-soy sauce 20€

Smoked beef, peanut kare sauce, dried shrimp paste, haricot vert, and eggplant chips 20€

Spiced soy-glazed pork ribs, charsiu vine, apple fennel vine, chili-pickled cucumbers, and baby gem lettuce 20€

Steamed white rice seasoned with Pobre’s X.O. sauce and annatto oil 5€

Crispy sweet potato with kanto sauce and Pobre's Almorena fraîche 5€

Steamed white rice 3€

Burnt calamansi cheesecake, merengue, and seasonal berries 7€

Strawberry cake, strawberry fraiche, strawberry spruce crème, spruce merengue, peanut brittle, and strawberries 7€

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